Pretend you’re Robot Entertainment, formerly Ensemble Studios. You’ve created some of the best selling PC real-time strategy games ever in the Age of Empires franchise, and even managed to take something like Halo into the RTS space on consoles, to much success. Hell, you even attempted an MMO.

Then you’re disbanded and re-set up shop, promising to provide support for your latest project, but eventually handing that off to your publisher’s new internal team. What next, now that you’re free again? It’s obvious, isn’t it? Make another strategy game based on the Spartans… of Greece.

Kotaku was tipped last night to a mysterious RTS called “Project S” from Robot currently being alpha tested, and now we’ve got a few details. It’s codenamed, simply, Spartan, and described as “ground-breaking,” and a “giant, revolutionary step for PC strategy games.”

So far, that’s it. No further details, other than Robot’s newly relaunched website, teasing collaboration with Microsoft Game Studios. Wonder when this will be officially announced, or shown off? I’m interested.

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