The first Arbiter in the series has come to die for his cause. Unfortunately, no one knew what it was for… until now.

Through the original trilogy, Halo has always been a battle of one religion versus one who only understood the science of the deception that was depicted from the Prophets. To reveal this knowledge to the masses would cause chaos in an inter-species society known as the Covenant. Similar stories have been told, yet most gamers have blinded themselves by saying the franchise is using a Chuck Norris-like character to tell a shallow story.

Though the original storytelling of the Halo games never revealed itself in the same light as a Metal Gear or Mass Effect game; 343 Industries–the architects of the Halo universe–wants to show what stories weren’t told through the eyes of Master Chief. Using the terminals in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, fans of the franchise can finally see who was right and who was wrong.

Accessing the Truth – Unofficial Halo 2 Remake Teaser

No more nonsensical exposition is needed in this piece, as the truth for a Halo 2 remake has been revealed in an eleventh hidden terminal. While in-game there are only ten terminals that you can find in CE’s campaign, there is a hidden 11th terminal that only someone that was searching for it would find. The terminal entitled Threshold.

On, the third definition for threshold is this: “any place or point of entering or beginning”. While the destruction seemed to be an ending for the Arbiter of the Covenant forces, it was indeed a threshold for the knowledge he was given.

To access this terminal, you’ll need to unlock all ten terminals within Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. After completing that, you won’t need the game disc anymore for this terminal. Download Halo Waypoint if you haven’t already and boot it up. After it is loaded and you have pressed Start to go into the application. Press X and a Forerunner code structure will appear.

You’ll need to put together a combination of runes that you see at the end of each of the Terminals. Once you get the right combination, you’ll get another seven-thousand Halo: Reach credits. Each terminal will earn you a certain amount, but after the code is input correctly you’ll unlock the ability to watch the Threshold terminal. If you don’t want to go through this process, you can just watch it below via a YouTube. Enjoy:

The exiled ones that were eliminated by the newly assigned Arbiter and Master Chief were right. Unfortunately, we didn’t foresee their knowledge preventing the potential destruction of the Terran-born race.

Drifting into the Unknown – Secrets of Halo 4

To see the future, you should always look into the past.

To retell a story with nothing extra and charging people for it is just lazy. To retell a story with updated graphics and an additional storyline that wasn’t completely obvious the first time around is a good way to re-energize a franchise that was running on fumes.

This is exactly what 343 Industries plans to do for the next trilogy and remakes. Made up of former creative producers from Bungie, 343 Industries now controls the Halo franchise like no game studio has before. Creatively, the best way to show what is coming is to reveal what has happened in previous titles.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary has released with critics remembering why they first fell in love with the space opera after the turn of the millennium. As discussed above with the unofficial Halo 2 Remake trailer, 343 will most likely create a remake to continue retelling the story of the near destruction of earth while showing other story lines that weren’t available before.

As we have heard from the monitor, 343 Guilty Spark, through the entire original trilogy; the Forerunners were once the strong power in the Universe. While I won’t divulge spoilers into who these Forerunners are, if you watch all of the Terminals it would be very obvious.

The picture above is official concept art released by Bungie. The fact that this concept of the Forerunner infantry unit was made by Bungie shows that they might have been wanting to stick around a while later but changed plans after development for Halo 3 ended. The unit above has been given the name Promethean. As that name doesn’t reflect upon one soldier, it reflects upon a type of soldier that would be similar to the UNSC’s SPARTAN 1s.

To go without a ship or tank would be uncharacteristic of such an empire.  The video at the bottom of this post will reveal (similar to the picture below) that the Forerunners had the War Sphinx. Just like the Promethean, not much is known other than what is shown in the concept art. For comparison in size, a Promethean is seen at the bottom left.

Not much is known for Halo 4, other than the fact that Forerunners will have some kind of impact on the next Halo trilogy. The fact of the matter is that 6 rings still exist in the known universe, with possibly dozens of other enemies in extended parts of the galaxy. Halo will be here for a while. Watch xxraythompsonxx’s video below for his breakdown of the terminals from Halo: Combat Evolved.

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