Last week, we posted first details about the logo for the new Grand Theft Auto game (which you can see above) and fans were excited because below the logo included a date: November 2nd, 2011. Well, today is November 2nd, 2011 and Rockstar has released it’s first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. To check out the trailer, check out our media post which contains the trailer. Check out a breakdown of the trailer below the main character’s picture.

What area is the trailer based in?

A fictional Los Angeles, California; confirmed Los Santos, San Andreas

What do we know of the main character?

Destin of IGN Guides says it looks a lot like Tommy Vercitti. I believe it could be his son since there is no one he could have aged that well. Maybe it could be an entirely new character that we’ve never heard of before.

What era is the game based on?

Current Era

What does this trailer mean and what were we supposed to see?

The attire on all of the people was very evident leading to the obvious answer that the game will be based on a modern fictional Los Angeles, California. As I never got completely wrapped into the world of San Andreas, it is a possibility that it’s based entirely in there. A full trailer is above while I broke the trailer down below.

What secrets or Easter eggs are contained within the trailer?

In the trailer, you can see the sign for Vinewood which is a part of Los Santos. Vinewood has been referenced in every single GTA game since Liberty City Stories.

What characters are revealed in the trailer and what do we know about them?

Below I have a picture of what I believe the main protagonist is over looking the downtown district of Los Angeles from the Northeast side.

This is a breakdown of the trailer:

The first two shots show the Santa Monica Pier area. First shot of a lifeguard hut, then on the pier itself. The buildings in the backdrop appear to be similar buildings to real-life Santa Monica except the hills seems to be directly behind them. The music is Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake by Small Faces according to IGN UK.

‘Rockstar Games Presents’ screen shows the fog or should I call it the pollution that hovers above the downtown area of a Los Angeles skyline. Looking in the foreground, it appears to be East LA down below but with the angle of the buildings it would be south of LA.

Appearing to be just near the hills, this golf course features a scenic shot of the Tower Records iconic building in West Hollywood on the right and the downtown buildings directly in the middle. Of course being Rockstar, they couldn’t avoid the hesitation of putting in a 69 joke as the yardage for the 8th hole is 169 yards.

Looking at how tall the trees are perhaps San Andreas is the place this game is set. In San Andreas, there was a large mountain in the bottom left hand corner of area map.

Here we get our first shot of the main character driving in a red convertible as he is driving in an area I would consider to be closer to the hood. He looks tanner than in the other shot we see him so we probably aren’t supposed to connect the driver with the main character. Looks like he has returned to his life of crime as Niko did before him.

East and southeast of LA County, there are mountain ranges. Looking at the formation of this particular range, I would say this is supposed to symbolize the southeast area since the mountains aren’t lined up.

Interstate Five runs next to Little Tokyo in real-life but in San Andreas it apparently runs near Little Seoul.

In the San Andreas version of Venice Beach south of Santa Monica, the Muscle Sands is supposed to symbolize Muscle Beach from real-world Los Angeles. Though, this version has a lot less hippies and hobos.

We see a better shot of what most of the Internet is proclaiming Tommy Vercitti. I don’t believe that he can age that well over plus thirty years. I think it’s his son possibly or an entirely new character.

For those from North California, this is more of a familiar site: a grape field. And no this isn’t a weed field if you look closely at the leaves you can see they are shaped like grape leaves yet I don’t see any of the fruits.

The main character, on the right, joins two accomplices on a heist in what appears to be The Grove near Beverly Hills.

Anyone know of In & Out Burger? Well apparently, Rockstar loved it enough to create a fake chain. Couldn’t get the full name of the company though. This is just a shout out to those living on the west coast.

Some guy begging for beer on the side of the 110 highway. On the left green sign, it says Los Santos.

We saw our main character driving a red convertible in the early part of the trailer and now he is getting chased by a cop car from the ‘City of Los Santos’. Looks pixelated because the game is still probably in the early stages of development.

Looks like we are going back to Grove Street aka the hood of Carl Johnson, the main character of GTA: San Andreas. This guy is in some deep s**t as he is getting chased on foot by three cops and a helicopter above.

For those who don’t know about Vinewood, it’s modeled after the Hollywood Hills. It’s one of the richest parts of Los Santos.

We see the plane from the other shot of Vinewood sign flying south to the downtown part of Los Santos as the title screen shows up. Thanks for going through the breakdown of the trailer.

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