This week we give a spoiler-ish-free review of Iron Man 3, the possibilities of the IllumiRoom and what will happen to the Uncanny Valley with next-next gen consoles.

Tony Stark is back and we have mixed feelings about it. Join us as we discuss “Iron Man 3,” Marvel’s first outing since the record-breaking mammoth, “The Avengers.” How does it hold up? NOTICE: We discuss some plot details in this episode, so beware if you haven’t seen the film. We’ll also be releasing our spoilercast later this week. Be on the look out for that.

Next up, we get into IllumiRoom, the projector/Kinect combo that could potentially create a more immersive gaming experience for the next cycle of consoles. We explore how this might be used to enhance or hurt how we play games. Going off that, we discuss Adrian Chmielraz’s Gamasutra blog post about sim-toy dissonance.  And we even make some time to hear Jim’s rant about how Marvel needs more Punisher movies.

Finally, a big, big thanks to fellow WouldYouKindly podcaster, Josh “Crash” Sharp, for supplying us with our very own music. It’s a big step forward and we’re happy for the help. Look at us, all growing up and all.


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