This time around we talk Ni No Kuni, House of Cards, and whether our tastes in entertainment keep changing as we get older.

A recent post by Danielle Riendeau gets us all thinking about the media we love and whether our preferences have been set since high school (Riendeau’s comments are a response to this article by Jennifer Senior).

And I use my preliminary opinion on Ni No Kuni to reflect on JRPGs more generally with Greg, reminiscing about the Playstation and Super Nintendo days when grinding through random encounters, poorly translated dialogue, and exotic art styles were enough for us to invest 40+ hours in a single game.

Finally we discuss the Netflix original series House of Cards–at least the first two episodes, so no big spoilers to worry about if you haven’t yet seen it (we will of course be doing a supplemental podcast about the entire first season sometime later this month).

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