Welcome to 2013, everyone! We’ve got some big changes here at GoTR. Mainly, we’re moving. But fear not, we’ll be taking up residence over at WouldYouKindly.com, who has so generously decided to host our podcast for y’all. Spread the love, my homies. So please head on over there and check us and all the other podcasts out. Sharing is caring or something.

As for this ep, we keep things focused on technologies. CES has finished up and we discuss the bigger news from the event, i.e. Ouya, Steam Piston, Project Shield, etc. We also give a run down of our most anticipated games of the upcoming year. Listen and enjoy!

To reach the podcast for comment or question, you can email us at gameontherocks(at)gmail(dot)com, or reach us on Twitter:


Track Listing (available herehere and here):

Aerofunknamics (Funky’s Fugue) – bLiNd, OverClocked ReMix (http://ocremix.org/)

Braving the Storm [MMX – Chill Penguin Stage, Dr. Light] – Metal Man, OverClocked ReMix (http://ocremix.org/)

The Prodigal Son Returns (Castlevania) – Mustin, OverClocked ReMix (http://ocremix.org/)


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