This week we discuss the best of 2013: comics, music, movies and video games.

A lot happened for Gaming on the Rocks in 2013. We were lucky enough to become part of the WouldYouKindly family. We met and featured a variety of guests and friends. We highlighted the powerful career of a one Vin Diesel and, in turn, the music of Puddle of Mudd. It was a solid year; we grew a lot. And it’s time to discuss it. Join us as we talk the best video games, music, movies, comics and more in our year-end wrap up.

Also, new question of the week: what fictional future would you want to live in if you could? For a reference, here’s Greg’s choice. Write to us (, tweet at us (@GOTR_podcast), or check out our Facebook page to send us your answer. We’ll share them on next week’s episode.

Track Listing:

Facing (Epilogue – FFIV) – Fishy, OverClocked ReMix (



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