You’ve made it! This is the second ever episode of Gaming on the Rocks.

This week’s podcast has been brought to you, once again, by Ethan Gach, Greg Galiffa, James Price, and Ben Seal. In it we drink some more bourbon, discuss a few headlines, and argue extensively about what games are primarily about, because we totally know. Yes, we ARE that humble.

Headlines include Apple being a jerk like always, Pfister ripping Marvel’s Avengers a new one, whether or not non-gamers should give out gaming awards.

And you can read more about our main topics for the night at the following places:

More departures at Irrational Games

Negative reactions to a negative review of Dishonored

A non-gamer in charge of judging the year’s best video game

Critiques of Argo’s politics and portrayal of the past

As always, if you have a question, a comment, or a suggestion you’d like to make, please feel free to reach us anytime, for any reason, at gameontherocks @ gmail (dot) com.


You can catch us on Twitter at @ethangach, @greggaliffa, @JPonthechase, and @themanofseal.

All music from tonight’s episode is from OverClocked ReMix’s Donkey Kong Country 2: Serious Monkey Business album. Check it out here:

Track Listing:

Bonus Bop (Token Tango, Bonus Lose, Bonus Win) – Xenon Odyssey, The UArts Z Big Band, OverClocked ReMix (

Re-Skewed (Donkey Kong Rescued) – David Wise feat. Grant Kirkhope, Robin Beanland, OverClocked ReMix (

Roller Disco (Disco Train) – Zylance, OverClocked ReMix (

Bramble Reprise (Stickerbrush Symphony) – Joshua Morse, OverClocked ReMix (


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