It seems having one of the best selling print magazines and top Flash game hubs isn’t enough for GameStop, as the corporation has just announced another huge partnership. The retailer is joining forces with News Corp-owned website IGN, in an effort to combine their traffic and leverage advertising. The report from AllThingsD claims that the following will occur as part of the new deal, slated to go into effect soon, and expand next year.

* IGN will be creating branded media advertising products on, and will be its sales representative online. Consumer advertisers will be able to buy branded ads on the retail site.

* IGN content will appear on, with all kinds of cross-linking, and there will be copious buttons for e-commerce on

* GameStop will be buying its ads on

* The traffic of both GameStop and IGN will be combined. Currently, GameStop has 7.2 million monthly uniques worldwide and IGN’s videogame content has 28.9 million.

There’s a whole can of editorial worms that could be opened up here, and as Joystiq points out, there’s also a slew of corporate questions. Notably, what happens to Game Informer and Direct2Drive, if anything? Certainly an interesting, and scary, development.

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