Remember how seemingly overwhelming the Willamette Mall was in Dead Rising back in 2006? For all of its open space, numerous shops and not-so-plentiful save spots, that was nothing. Dead Rising 2 is nearly here, and the sprawling locale of Fortune City is massive.

The entire map of Fortune City was laid out on Capcom’s VisitFortuneCity site over the weekend, letting you get acquainted with the zombie infested Las Vegas setting before September 28th. Five gigantic hotels, three restaurants, three bars, two strip clubs, and two enormous shopping malls —  all with plenty of weapons of destruction lying within. Shouldn’t be any shortage of ways to properly (or improperly) dispose of the undead here. And let’s forget that ever popular attraction that is the Zombie Zoo.

Looks like a smashing time; loads of mayhem potential throughout. I am still pretty bummed to see the sparse amount of save opportunities — one per area, just about — but at least that’s a massive improvement from the original game, which forced me to backtrack across the god damn mall to save at the restroom. Never again, Capcom. Never again.

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