Sucker Punch’s inFAMOUS series already has a strong foothold on the Playstation; the first two games were both pretty fantastic. The third installment, Second Son, was announced at Sony’s E3 press conference and was immediately one of the games that I needed to check out when I hit the floor. Unfortunately, there were no playable demos; however, I did get a chance to sit in on a session where the developers showed off some gameplay and gave us the lowdown.


Second Son takes place a while after the events of the first two games, and follows a new protagonist; a Native American man named Delsin who has recently found himself to be a conduit and is getting used to his newfound powers. The game takes place in Seattle, which is currently under lockdown by a government agency called the Department of Unified Protection, or DUP. It’s found out that the DUP is trying to capture and/or kill the conduits they find, so as to prevent more events like the ones that happened in the first two games in the series.

Delsin’s powers are a little different than Cole’s, in that Delsin is able to harness the power of smoke and fire instead of electricity. In addition to using his powers to attack, he can also take the form of smoke to transport through vents, making hasty getaways quite easy if he finds himself surrounded by DUP soldiers.


The gameplay that was shown off gave us a good idea of the scale of the city; Delsin embarked on a trip to the Space Needle and had to fight off soldiers every step of the way. The same free-climbing that made the first couple of games popular is back and tightened up even more; this along with the ability to travel through vents makes the movement completely fluid; it didn’t look like the dev playing through had to struggle at all to get exactly where he wanted to go.

The battle sequences were really cool; both close-quarters and long-distance scenarios were played out, and we got to see a couple of Delsin’s special moves; all of the fire and smoke powers look just gorgeous on the PS4. It looked like some of the DUP soldiers had special powers of their own, but the devs wouldn’t divulge why that was; I’m guessing that’s a pretty crucial part of the story.


I was impressed by everything that Sucker Punch had to show for Second Son, and even though I didn’t get any time with it hands-on, I can definitely say that this will be one to watch for when PS4 hits the shelves – especially if you’re a fan of either of the first two. Also, I give Sucker Punch bonus points for using Nirvana in the reveal trailer for the game; given that their studio is right in that area, it seems like they’ve really done a proper homage to the city they call home.

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