Good news, PS3 users: Sony is finally tweaking Trophies so that they automatically sync with your PSN account, doing away with the archaic manual procedure of old. Hooray! Bad news is, though, you’ll need to pay to get the enhancement. For now, anyway.

Auto Trophy Sync is but one of the additions coming this week in firmware 3.70. Unlike the other new features — a PS Store recommendation function; “TV/Video Services” category on the XMB for the various video content options; updates for 3D Blu-ray features — Auto Trophy Sync is being sectioned off an exclusive privilege for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

It’s part of a refined auto download function, now simply dubbed Automatic Update. This is the thing that lets your system apply patches, etc. in the background, as well as automatically back up and send your game save data to the cloud.

Word out of Japan is the new system update also includes support for the forthcoming PSP Remaster Series, which will see best-selling PSP titles ported to PS3 with tweaks for DualShock control, 3D, and more.

Firmware 3.70 is due shortly.

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