1. Goodsprings – Goodsprings Cemetary

In Goodsprings head up the hill to the cemetary. Once you get to the cemetary, on the left side of the graveyard find the grave with rocks on it, there you’ll find the snow globe.

2. Hoover Dam – Hoover Dam

As soon as you enter Hoover Dam, walk straight ahead, the snow globe is on the counter.

3. Mormon Fort – Old Mormon Fort

As soon as you enter the fort turn right and enter the tower door. Once inside, head upstairs, the snow globe is sitting on top of a bookshelf.

4. Test Site – Lucky 38 Casino

After talking to Mr. House, you gain access to the cocktail lounge. As soon as you enter the cocktail lounge, head to your right, you’ll find the snow globe behind a cash register behind the bar.

5. The Strip – Vault 21

Enter Vault 21 and head down stairs, when you get to the first casino room, head to your left and continue on straight ahead. You’ll come to a door on your left that’s locked, you have to pick the lock (lose karma), the snow globe is on a night stand in between the two beds.

6. Nellis AFB – Nellis Air Force Base

In Nellis Air Force Base find the museum, as soon as you enter the museum turn to your right, the snow globe is on the table.

7. Mt. Charleston – Jacobstown

Once in Jacobstown head to the big lodge. As soon as you enter the lodge, you’ll see the snow globe on the table straight ahead.

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