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This guide contains spoilers so use at your own risk. If you have any questions on any locations leave a comment and I’ll answer as soon as I can.





[1] As soon as escape from your cell go to your left. At the end of the hall there will be a room with control panels. There are 3 of the Captive recordings #14, #15 and #22




[2] After you find the first 3 turn around and head back past your cell. You’ll pass until you pass under a healing archway, once you enter the room go to your left you will find 2 more Captive Recordings #3 and #1.


[3] Now turn to your right there will be a doorway, to the right of the doorway is another Captive Recording #12

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[4] Continue on through the Steamworks until you reach the Engineering Core. Head upstairs to the second floor. Follow Sally and she’ll take you to a room where the Spacesuit is. You will find 4 Captive Recordings #5, #6, #7 and #8.



[5] After you are able to enter the Cryo Lab activate the Release mechanism. Head downstairs and go go through the door you find. Inside the room you will see earth items (cigarettes, steam pot, vodka, etc.) There will also be a Healing Archway, to the left of that is a Captive Recording #4.



[6] Head back up stairs and continue to head west into the next room of the Cryo Lab to the left there is a room with more frozen people. Kill the Aliens and in the corner straight across from the door you will find another Captive Recording #2.




[7] Now head back out and to the left through the hallway. Continue on until you come to a room where you see aliens dissecting Wastelanders. For some fun press the button in the middle and watch the aliens freeze to death. After the aliens are frozen go into the room there will be 2 Captive Recordings just before you exit the room, #17 and 11.



[8] Continue on into the Cryo Storage room as soon as you enter the room go to your left you will find a Captive Recording #25.



[9] Continue on to the next room in the Cryo Storage head down the stairs to the left. You will see the Captive Recording #16 up against the wall to the South.



[10] Now head back to the Engineering Core and go into the Cargo Hold. You will find a door in Cargo Hold that will take you to the Research Lab. Inside the Research lab You will see a space shuttle straight ahead to the left of it you will find a Captive Recording #13.



[11] Turn around and head through the door straight across from you. It will take you to a room that has some mechanical looking horses. In this room you will find 1 Captive Recording #21



[12] Head back out to the Engineering Core and Take the teleporter to the Maintenance Level, You will come across Sally messing with some wires in an elevator. Speak to her then the elevator will start to move and you’ll go through a few different levels before the elevator gets stuck, then falls. You will be dropped into a room full of trash. Head through the door into the Waste Disposal area. Continue on until Sally says the radios went quiet. You’ll enter a big room and have to take out 6 or 7 Aliens. To your right as soon as you enter the room you will find 1 Captive Recording #19.

Finish destroying all the Generators so you can go into outer space. You will be able to obtain the rest after you complete the space walk.



[13] After the space walk turn on the transporter and let the others in. Sally will open a couple of doors for you. Continue on till you reach the Weapons lab. Once inside the weapons lab, head upstairs until you come to a room full of weapons. Here you will find 1 Captive Recording #24.



[14] Continue on till you reach the Experimentation Lab, once inside the experimentation lab keep going till you reach the room with dead wastelanders all over. You’ll see a couple of chairs with wires and drills attached to them turn around and you will find 1 Captive Recording #20.



[15] Continue on in the Experimentation Lab till you get to a room with a generator in the middle to the right you will see 1 Captive Recording #10



[16] Overload the Generator and head into the next room you will come across some tables with dead abominations on them, there you will find 1 Captive Recording #9.



[17] Now turn back and make your way to Biological Research, go upstairs and to your right. You will come across a small control center. There you will find 1 Captive recording #18.



[18] Head back and enter into the teleporter that leads to the Death Ray Hub. Overload all the generators in the Death Ray control room. After you overload them all you can get to a transporter that will take you to the Living Quarters. Continue on till you come to the end of a hallway. Go to your right where you will come into a room with some tables, 2 turrets and quite a few Aliens. The final Captive Recording #23 will be to your right as soon as you enter the room. The achievement will then unlock.

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