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Another fantastic mod to pimp out your house in megaton. I went with the pre-war theme as shown in the screen shots above. Now if someone would make a mod to be able to play pool, my life would be complete at least in Megaton anyways.

Credit goes to KrazyKommy

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Check out the description below:

1. Default House I.E. No Theme
– Larger downstairs and bedroom, new kitchen, new bathroom
– much more unique storage
– New default furniture

Version 2.7 Changes
– In the Bedroom, new containers, desk, and clutter, Including you own computer, and Computer Mainframe that runs on Linux lol. ( ATM the computer does nothing just for looks, In a incremental version to be released at a future time it will have a sorting device.)
– New Safe Lock container above downstairs cabinet
– New Larger kitchen (Larger than Version 2.61) New mini fridges below the Bar, Double ovens (one has a marker fro an NPC to perform the cooking animation).
+ New Bars and Counter Tops, Large Shelves that can display food and junk, Food Bins, double Sinks
+ Animation markers to perform such animations as barkeeper, lean on counter, lean against wall.
– Bathroom now once again features a clean sink and toilet since to be more realistic (AT least in my terms) megaton Has a water purification system
+Bathtub now has new Purified water as opposed to dirty water, a custom job done myself
– The old vanilla metal shelves that were in the vanilla so called kitchen have been removed and replaced by a large multi-level bookcase.
– Against the wall to the basement door there are two working gun weapon displays

1. PreWar Theme
– First off with 2.7 theme, each gets its own unique flooring, hand layed each tile myself giving perfect 3D data for each tile to ensure no over lapping, clipping, and a completey leveled floor. for the PreWar theme it gets Shagg carpeting.
– Pool table and pool set.
– Couches, tables, flowers, comfy chairs, side tables, dressers, lamps Large TV, Working Jukeboxes that use the Vault-Tec theme seen in the beg of the game.
– Unique Lighting System is bright chandeliers, as such this theme provides the brightest lighting system of all themes.
– Unique Paintings, and Pre-War posters.
– theme bed is a large pristine queen-zed bed
– More but I forget… Look around and see yourself!

2. Love Theme
– Ambient Color to the air, glowing, and realized feel…
– Unique flooring is Grecko-Roman Tile, with White Roman Columns to accent the classical romantic feel
– Lighting provided by Neo-classical sconces giving off a light source
– New furniture includes Love Beds, Erotic Lights, Fountain with water, Couches large relaxing chairs, More x-mas lights
– Also to accent the Neo-Classical feel are potted tress and flowers to give naturalism feel.
– Themed Dukovs Love bed for Bedroom, A large queen sized bed with blue covers, and pink sheets
– Alcohol..
– Look around for more changes

3. Raider Theme

AS the most requested Theme for Me to do, I was given several suggestion by people on how to really change this theme into something that could be something really cool.
My take on the Theme focuses more on Noble Evil Overlord, Dark but Classy. More to suit the character playing as the true overlord of the waste, a Vampire.. something like that.

– First off the entire house is themed off the look of the underworld Museum
– As such the house features Black Marble flooring, and Black marble columns
– The house is lit by sconces with fire emitting a great orange glow that mixes with the blue tint in the light
– All the hanging bodies, random, body parts, chains have been removed… Keep it classy
******* – The star of the Theme is the great throne featured in the house.
+ featuring its own platform, banners, and column, you sit in a throne surrounded by fire and skulls above those who bow to you glory
+ there are nps markers for people on the platform to actual kneal at you like a servant
– Classical chairs and tables inspired by gothic looks to Vampire Houses.
In the Main Room of the house there is the Underworld sculpture
– Coffin for the vampire look.
– Also features display platforms, and pictures from Dante’s Inferno.
– to really get how wonderous this theme is you simple have to use it, it is now my favorite theme, even though I play a “good” character

4. Basement Extension changes
– significant overhaul to lighting and ambient effects in the basement, much deeper stronger colors create ea truly unique atmosphere.
– electronic cables leading from electronics and power sources.
– Enclave Posters, A large one on the projector, with projector light on…. Studying the enemy
– rearranged, added, and resized computer modules. More and changed Pod (Bio pods, stasis pods, tech pods). Statue soldiers replaced by MKII Power Armor in a stasis pod.

– medical room modeled after the look of the movie “I am Legend” that whole basement laboratory idea. Bio-pods, working chemistry set and infirmary, A new Enclave bed where one of the two exam tables were
– Int he Armory there is new lighting making it Easier to see and highlight displayed weapons.
– Mathematically allighned shelves and containers.
_ on the Right wall Gun cabinets that had open shelves, Metal Gun cases have been added (Model that carries the Zualong Pisol, or w/e its called), each is key locked, and player owned like every container int the house. Ideally its to store your pistols in.

There you have it. Your house has officially been “pimped” enjoy.

Download the Mod here.

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