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Just so everyone is clear I did not create this mods and am in no way trying to take any credit for it. I’m just the person sending you in the right direction to find them. These are some of my personal favorite mods that have made my time in the Capital Wasteland more enjoyable. All credit goes to Brurpo

OK so it seems everyone is looking for the Brurpo mod because well its awesome and makes the characters in Fallout 3 look super sexy! One thing though I won’t post any screens of what the characters look like with the mod on since they are nude. But I will show you what the mod looks like with some add on mods and the women clothed (barely) and direct you to where you can download.

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You can download it here

Also you should check out

Underwear Texture for Brurpo body here

Wearable Bikini-Underwear here

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