This guide contains many spoilers so proceed at your own risk.
Very important!
You only have one chance to get the bobblehead at Raven Rock.
If you miss it you will have to reload a save and go back!
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Medicine – Vault 101 – On your Dad’s Desk. You have 3 chances to get this one. You can get it when your younger before you leave his office to take the G.O.A.T., Just before you leave the Vault or when you come back later to complete “Trouble on the Homefront”



Perception – The Republic of Dave – When you enter the Museum of Dave its on a shelf to your right.



Speech – Paradise Falls – In Euology’s pad on a table next to a terminal.



Intelligence – Rivet City – On a table in Dr. Li’s science lab.



Barter – Evergreen Mills -When you enter the Bazaar head north to the back,  its on a shelf behind the Raider Trader.



Science – Vault 106 – Living Quarters, on a shelf, in the room on the top floor to the east.



Endurance – Deathclaw Sanctuary – When you enter the Sanctuary its right at the beginning on a table next to a dead Brahmin.



Sneak – Yao Guai Tunnels – In the Den, on top of a metal box on the right side of your map near some water.



Strength – Megaton – In Sheriff Lucas’ house.




Repair – Arefu – Inside the Sheriff’s house.



Lockpick – Bethesda Ruins – Inside the East Bethesda building, top floor on top of a desk next to a skull and a wall safe.



Melee Weapons – Dunwich Building – Inside the Virulent Underchambers, right before you leave the chamber its sitting in the middle of the floor next to some empty Nuka-Cola bottles and cans.



Charisma – Vault 108 – Cloning Labs on a table against the north wall.



Big Guns – Fort Constantine – C.O. Quarters – In the basement. In a safe in the wall.



Agility – Greener Pastures Disposal – In a small office full of radiation.



Small Guns – National Guard Depot – In the Armory, you must first go through the Training room and Offices, you’ll come out of a door in the main room, hit the power switch on the wall to your left and then you can get into the Armory door. It is on a shelf in the Armory.



Luck – Arlington National Cemetery -In a house to the north the bobblehead is in the basement on a shelf directly below the stairs.



Energy Weapons – Raven Rock – I would recommend saving before you go anywhere, when you get into Raven Rock.  You only get one shot at this one if you miss it you have to go back to an earlier save. If you end up in the room where you talk to the President you’ve gone to far and you can’t back. I would recommend watching a video to get this one as well. Its kind of difficult to explain.






Explosives – WKLM Broadcast Station – There is a manhole cover that takes you to the Sealed Cistern, on the middle of the cliff below the WKLM Broadcast Station. Use the 2 screens above to help you locate the Sealed Cistern entrance.

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