Guess what? The kid from Angels in the Outfield is supposedly going to play Batman in the upcoming Justice League film, which has a tentative 2015 release date. All of us here at GotR like Joseph Gordon Levitt (I mean, he did befriend the Joker back in 1999), we’re just not sure how it’ll go if this rumor becomes fact. Can the sullen boy-man from 500 Days of Summer play a convincing Dark Knight? Perhaps. If he uses his Bruce Willis voice from Looper, he might be OK. #JGLmoviereferences

We also spend a decent amount discussing Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals and our purchases from last weekend. It seems no one was able to resist Steam’s Autumn Sale.  And of course, we talk a little about the upcoming Star Wars films, past Star Wars games and possible Star Wars IPs. Because, Star Wars.

Track Listing (both song from tonight’s podcast are available here and here):

One Zero One (Bonus Room Blitz) – Ice Guy, OverClocked ReMix (

Binary Chain (Bonds of Sea and Fire) – Wintermute, Troy Lawlor, OverClocked ReMix (


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