Wow. We did it. We’re here. Even you’re here.

After a month we’ve managed to continue trying to create a classy podcast about games, movies, and other stuff. We haven’t given up yet. And not giving up is 90% of almost succeeding. So we’re almost there!

This week Greg asks us about Peter Molyneux and the new game from his 22 Cans Studio called “Curiosity.” It’s ambitious, interesting, but mostly broken, and we’ll tell you why.

Then there’s the new Need for Speed, and whether it’s just the latest new mixed genre title to ape RPG and open world elements until both of those qualifiers become meaningless. Is it Skyrim on wheels? Assassin’s Creed with stick shift?


And finally I’ll explain why every game ever (but really only most) should learn a few lessons from FTL and start introducing consequences back into video games. Everyone is skeptical, until I wonder aloud, “What if the longer you played Skyrim, the older your character got?”

Join us to reflect on this and other paradoxes as we kick back some Winter Lagers while the latest Nor’easter rages outside our windows through the humble streets of West Philadelphia.

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Zelda’s First Trip to the ‘Village’ [OOT – LTTP – LOZ] – Josh Whelchel, OverClocked Remix (

Hey, Listen [Ocarina of Time – Legend of Zelda] – Mattias Haggstrom Gerdt, OverClocked Remix (


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