So, guys, Disney bought Lucasfilms. And we’re getting another three Star Wars episodes starting in 2015. Episodes VII, VIII and IX will be made. What does that mean? How will the affect the franchise? What will happen to LucasArts and the mountain of Star Wars games that we cherish (and bicker about, as you’ll hear)? We discuss tonight.

We also touch briefly on my lackluster introduction to the Assassin’s Creed III, some updates on a previous KickStarter discussion, and the release of Halo 4. But it’s mostly about Star Wars. Cause, for better or for worse, THREE MORE FILMS.

Tonight’s music is provided by the very talented artists from OverClocked ReMix. You can find the music here and here.

Track Listing:

Us Monkeys Together (In a Snow-Bound Land) – Flickerfall, diotrans, Palpable, OverClocked ReMix (

– Thunderstruck – Big Giant Circles feat. Jeff Ball, OverClocked ReMix (

Oh yeah, here’s that Atreyu pic that made us giggle. FALCOR BIKE.


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