In our special, super-long episode 10 of Gaming on the Rocks, we give a 2012 year-in-review — right before 2013 starts. Better late than never!

We take some extra time (a lot of extra time) to discuss this 2012’s best video games, films, comics and television. We also give our top three in each category and it — like always — ends in yelling at each other.

We’ve made it to 10 episodes everyone. THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT. We hope you enjoy this special look back at 2012 and we also hope to see you in 2013. You know, like, tomorrow.  Coolthanksbye.

Tracking Listing (available here, here, here, here, here annnd here):

Every Story Begins with a Name (Opening – Bombing Mission – FFVII) – Big Giant Circles

Cry of the Chasmal Critter Chain (Cave Dweller Concert – Donkey Kong Country) – Adhesive_Boy, OverClocked ReMix (

The Last Fatima (Aveh, the Ancient Dance – Xenogears) – Avaris, OverClocked ReMix (

Labyrinth of Dance Floors (LOZ: A Link to the Past) – Jeff Ball, OverClocked ReMix (

Satsui no Koto (Ryu – Street Fighter) – zircon, Joshua Morse, OverClocked ReMix (

Facing (Epilogue – FFIV) – Fishy, OverClocked ReMix (


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