For the last week, rumors about CES have been popping up all around the Internet. As that’s expected, the biggest rumor of all wasn’t: Microsoft supposedly will be announcing the next Xbox at CES 2012. According to an anonymous Microsoft source, this could happen.

Today’s report from French site Xboxygen claims this announcement will happen. Let’s take a look at what they’ve tweeted and put it through a French to English translator. After JCC_Xboxygen posted a link to the site’s latest article on the next Xbox as someone said in French ‘are you sure?’. JCC’s response is this: “according to a source very close to Microsoft, yes, there should be an announcement at CES”.

How credible are sources like this to actually put out information that could be considered fact? Simply stating the fact that what the author continues to say about the Playstation 4 getting an announcement soon, I don’t think this guy is very credible as a move for Sony to announce a new console now that the PS3 is start to make money would effect stocks in a non-repairable way.

IGN Tech even jumped into the debate last Wednesday stating a source from Windows Weekly, an unofficial Microsoft-based podcast on Twit.TV, saying this: “What I’m hearing is the console is going to come out for holidays next year, meaning that they would almost have to announce this at CES, wouldn’t they?”

Mind you, this source from last Wednesday from Windows Weekly was the the first one to re-stir all these rumors. Taking what Paul Thurrott said and rewording it: “With the potential of the next Xbox being released next holiday season, wouldn’t it make sense to announce it as soon as possible; which would be CES 2012?”

These blogging sites took what Paul said and created a fantasy trying to make it a reality. Sites like thatVideoGameBlog, GamingUnion & GameRanx have continued to spread a lie to attempt make it true. While I haven’t gotten factual word from Microsoft stating these rumors are fact or fiction, dwelling over a rumor isn’t something most people should do.

This is why I think Microsoft won’t be announcing the next Xbox at CES 2012. While over the last six financial quarters Microsoft has shifted their focus from a hardcore-based video game audience to a more casual-based audience, it would be possibly logical for an announcement at CES 2012. Will it happen though? No, E3 would build up more hype and spread news faster than just reporting it in the tech part of your local morning news cast if it were to be announced at CES.

Going back to what GameRanx said in their piece: Xboxygen’s source stated some general specifications: 2GBs of DDR3 RAM and an AMD GPU. How obvious are those statements? If you are going to claim what some of the specs are going to be in the console, trying to make them a little more dynamic because this bit of information sounds like someone was just getting majorly trolled to find out how far the troll’s lie went.

CES 2012 is less than sixty days away and the likely-hood for a Microsoft announcement for their next home console is near impossible. As Windows Phone 7 is considered Microsoft’s mark on the mobile market, I doubt Microsoft would even try to think of creating a sole gaming handheld device as gaming devices are going the way of the Dodo bird.

To spout rumors of this level of importance for the gaming industry is just an obvious attempt to get more clicks to certain websites. For those still reading, don’t always believe what you read as fact especially if they are reported as a rumor. The more you know…

Picture sources: Xbox Loop, Windows Weekly with PaulSpherical Xbox

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