At CES 2012, there were tons of TVs: skinny TVs, super high-resolution TVs & energy efficient TVs. There were all sorts of products that shifted from what most consumers would love to see in their house to things they weren’t sure about at all. Razer announced they were working a tablet. Not just any normal tablet but a gaming tablet.

Codenamed ‘Project Fiona’, Razer’s gaming tablet was not received well by the mainstream but with tablets on the rise could this prototype create the next revolution in gaming? According to a report put out by PewInternet, the number of adults in the US owning a tablet computer nearly doubled from a flat 10% to 19% from 2010 to 2011. While digital reading tablets having had a 160% increase for Americans over the last year as well, a trend from traditionally sized computers and books to smaller devices is obviously happening. Star Trek knew what to expect of the future!

With the rise of the indie game marketplace on iTunes and Android’s platform, tablets are not only for work but can be for play as well. Looking at these numbers that were released by Pew, the numbers are only going to continue to climb especially with the rumored announcement for the iPad 3 within the next month or so. With those people trying to have the same technology as friends or coworkers (or better), sales will continue to climb and maybe this means that people will be willing to get a tablet that is aimed for gaming in particular.

On Razer’s website, you can see a full breakdown of the prototype. Using ‘Sony Move’ like controllers connected to a iPad-like tablet, Fiona has a real chance of becoming a contender for those who want to step into the new computer medium. The only thing that could stop consumers from picking it up is what the price maybe for ‘Project Fiona’. With the ability to use different PC services for games while remaining on an Android OS, it’ll be interesting to see more about this tablet.

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