Briefly teased during Nintendo’s E3 conference on Tuesday, the company has plans for an eventual Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U, and 3DS. Despite seeming to indicate that this was an in-development project, though, it’s since been confirmed that ideas are just now starting to be tossed around.

In a new installment of the Iwata Asks Q&A sessions, Smash Bros. creator/Project Sora head Masahiro Sakurai and Nintendo president Satoru Iwata touched on the title, revealing some possible directions the next-gen brawler may go in.

Sakurai hinted that merely creating an HD Smash Bros. isn’t what’s ideal for the studio, and instead he’s eyeing a more approachable game, possibly include an experience points system, and though interaction between the two is suggested, the 3DS and Wii U games will be unique.

The handheld version could be a place to customize, build and upgrade characters which then transfer into the Wii U game, and will generally be a more “personal” experience. The designer also said that Smash Bros. Wii U would be balanced by a larger group of its developers, as opposed to Brawl which he pretty much tackled himself.

There’s no vague hint of a release date, as Project Sora is currently wrapping up Kid Icarus: Uprising, after which the staff will move over the Smash Bros. project.

One thing that’s (hopefully) certain for Wii U games like Smash Bros. is proper online play, and Nintendo may finally be ready to enter 2005.

According to a report from MTV Multiplayer, Ubisoft has indicated that Nintendo is adopting a regular username/friends list system similar to PSN and LIVE, in lieu of the dreaded friend codes.  Ghost Recon Online — which is up and running on Wii U at E3 — is making use of this, though Nintendo hasn’t yet officially detailed their online plans.

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