With the failure of the title since launch despite all the hype, DC Universe Online will be totally free to play and download sometime today. According to a post on the official Playstation Blog for the US, “there is no” catch supposedly to the change for the MMO that released last year.

Simply, Sony is changing the access to content for gamers depending on how much they spend on the title. In the first level simply titled ‘Free Access’ you are going to get access to ‘all ongoing game updates’ excluding the DLC packs that will only be available for purchase to those within the Premium and Legendary tiers.

In ‘Premium Access’, you’ll need to spend 5US$ to unlock the tier to be able to purchase typical options for free-to-play titles: gain experience quicker, get more inventory slots and have more character slots. It is unnessasary to purchase content on a consistant basis to keep your ‘Premium Access’.

In the ‘Legendary Access’ , you’ll be required to pay the already standard 14.99US$. With Legendary status, you’ll be able to get exclusive items that players in the previous two tiers won’t have a chance to get. All future DLC for the title will be free as well and those Lifetime members will be automatically upgraded to ‘Legendary’ and won’t need to spend another dime on the title.

For those who bought the title originally, you’ll be allowed to have ‘Premium Access’. For those curious for full details on each of the tiers, check out the official webpage. For those choosing to not continue monthly payments, you’ll be downgraded to ‘Premimum’ when your time runs out.

Source (Playstation Blog)

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