Leaked through the OFLC and ESRB, Sega and WayForward’s Aliens: Infestation is an official thing now, after being a super secrety secret for almost two years.

Infestation is, as previously speculated, the spirit of WayForward and Gearbox’s Nintendo DS Aliens: Colonial Marines companion. The two studios are working together on the project (along with comic artist Chris Bachalo), a 2D side-scrolling shooter featuring familiar locations like the Sulaco, LV-426, and more.

Players will suit up as a soon-to-be-dead marine, with 19 different AI marines able to be recruited for assistance, and will kill Xenomorphs with various gear that can be upgraded.

In contrast to our other Aliens title in the works at the moment, Aliens: Infestation delivers a game that focuses more on exploration of the expanded universe,” says Gary Knight, Senior Vice President of Marketing, SEGA West. “WayForward really put all their passion into making Aliens: Infestation the definitive Aliens experience that you can fit in your pocket.

Aliens: Infestation is due out for the DS this September; Aliens: Colonial Marines proper is expected next spring.

Sure, this is but a repurposed/overhauled project at the end of the day, but I can’t be the only one surprised Sega didn’t consider a 3DS version, right?

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