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Hands-On Demo: Sonic Lost World

I used to be such a big, big fan of Sonic. Sega was the console of choice in my household growing up, so Sonic was

June 15, 2013 Events, Games, Previews, Wii/U
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Hands-On Demo: Mario Kart 8

Are you sick of playing those realistic racing games? Or racing games with real cars and motorcycles? Or racing games without turtle shell weapons? You

June 15, 2013 Events, Games, Previews, Wii/U
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The Game Machine: Nyko Wii U Products Review

I’ve got 4 products here from Nyko to review. The products featured are: PROCommander Controller Uboost Charge Station U Powerstand If you like these reviews,

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The Game Machine: New Super Mario Bros U Review

Mario is back again with another game where he runs and jumps on things, but it’s now in glorious HD.  Is New Super Mario Bros.

December 07, 2012 Reviews, The Game Machine, Videos, Wii/U
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My WiiU Experience Experience

This past weekend, I found myself going to downtown LA for the WiiU Experience. Disclaimer: My Wii is basically a Netflix/Hulu Plus machine at this

September 25, 2012 Editorials, Wii/U
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Don’t Dismiss Nintendo Because of the Wii

A lot of us, as we have been so creatively dubbed, “hardcore” gamers, would like to forget the Nintendo Wii.  Despite the sales numbers and

September 14, 2012 Editorials, Games, Wii/U
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May 15: The Opposite of Mother’s Day

Holy crap. It’s almost here. And by “it,” I mean one of the best days for gamers in a long time: the release date for…

May 14, 2012 DS/3DS, Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, Wii/U, Xbox 360
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The Game Machine: Xenoblade Chronicles Review

Xenoblade Chronicles is one of 3 games that gamers have been begging Nintendo to release in North America, and it is now here. So is

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PAX Impressions: Assassins Creed III

As burned out on The Assassins Creed series as I am – and I don’t care that the third in the series stars a new

April 07, 2012 Events, Games, PC/Mac, PS3, Wii/U, Xbox 360
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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Gets New Info From GDC

Last week, EA revealed the first information on the next Medal of Honor, which wasn’t all that much. With GDC this week, EA gave us

March 07, 2012 Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, Videos, Wii/U, Xbox 360
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