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The Game Machine: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Review

Will the love child of Kojima and Platinum Games—Metal Gear Rising Revengeance—be an amazing action game, or should it go hide in a box? Find out in

February 26, 2013 Games, Reviews, The Game Machine, Videos
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Completely Serious Interviews – Cosplayers

The WouldYouKindly crew was at the Lvl Up Expo in Vegas this year, and we had a ton of fun. But what is a convention

February 20, 2013 Events, Interviews, Videos
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The Game Machine: Sunset Riders Genesis/Mega Drive Review

Saddle up boys and girls! Here is the Sunset Rider’s Genesis/Mega Drive Review. Cowboys, Indians, and Cormano! Enjoy the review. Want to see more great

February 12, 2013 Games, Reviews, The Game Machine, Videos
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The Game Machine: DMC Devil May Cry Review

Capcom has decided to reboot the Devil May Cry franchise against some of its most loyal fans’ wishes. With Ninja Theory at the helm, is

January 20, 2013 Games, Reviews, The Game Machine, Videos
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The Game Machine: Anarchy Reigns Review

After a long time of waiting, the beat ‘em up brawler Anarchy Reigns has finally made it to the West. So did Platinum Games make

January 13, 2013 Games, Previews, The Game Machine, Videos
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The Game Machine: 2012 Game of The Year Award Super Show

2012 had a lot of great games, but only 10 can make it on to my list, because that is what I limited it to.

December 27, 2012 Games, The Game Machine, Videos
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The War Z – The Reverend’s Review

So, am I just doing one last review after all these months? Or will I continue to make more? These questions and more will be

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The Game Machine: New Super Mario Bros U Review

Mario is back again with another game where he runs and jumps on things, but it’s now in glorious HD.  Is New Super Mario Bros.

December 07, 2012 Reviews, The Game Machine, Videos, Wii/U
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The Game Machine: Halo 4 Review

Now that Bungie has moved out of Microsoft and into the greener pastures of Activision, the question was who would take over the Halo series.

November 12, 2012 Games, Reviews, The Game Machine, Videos
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The Game Machine: Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus

What happens when you mix heavy metal, anime, and fighting games? Guilty Gear of course! Many people have been clamoring for a port to modern

October 30, 2012 Games, Reviews, The Game Machine, Videos
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