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Wshand: Gold and Gone

You just had to say something, now he’s sleeping with the fishes

December 28, 2015 Videos, WYK-TV
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OverBoredGaming: We’ll pick him up, don’t worry.

Sure you will guys, suuuuure you will

December 23, 2015 OverBored Gaming, Videos, WYK-TV
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Wshand: Tall, Brave, and Stupid

How quickly the tables can turn…&#

December 22, 2015 Videos, WYK-TV
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OverBoredGaming: Do over

Gravity, the ever present undefeated boss

December 21, 2015 OverBored Gaming, Videos, WYK-TV
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OverBoredGaming: Something Old, Something New

Man Brawli, making things far more difficult then they need to be

December 18, 2015 OverBored Gaming, Videos, WYK-TV
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Beyond the Broadcast: Floppyquill

Another episode of Whsand’s Beyond the Broadcast. In this episode Shand interviews Floppyquill while playing Age of Empires 2 and Star Wars Battlefront

December 17, 2015 Beyond the Broadcast, Videos, WYK-TV
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OverBoredGaming: Sometimes you’re like a hotdog

“She said she had an idea for a new children’s book…….I do not think she should publish this children’s book.&#

December 16, 2015 OverBored Gaming, Videos, WYK-TV
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Wshand: Banana time

…I don’t quite know what say about this one….. I’ll just, go home and rethink my life

December 15, 2015 Videos, WYK-TV
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