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Gaming Gauntlet: Ride the Bullet

In Wshand’s newest series called Gaming Gauntlet, he plays a marathon of rather short, cheap games and gives his thoughts on them in the form

May 29, 2015 Videos, wshand, WYK-TV
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Beyond the Broadcast: TigerWriter

Another episode of Beyond the Broadcast! This time Shand interviews fellow streamer and good friend TigerWriter as they play some Final Fantasy 7. They talk

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Wshand: Stealth mode

In this video we see the talented Wshand utilize his trademark ability……The Talking Toilet! The Talking Toilet allows Wshand to fool his enemies into thinking

May 26, 2015 Videos, wshand, WYK-TV
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Overbored Gaming: Samus Talk

Brawli takes Samus’ workout routines seriously. Very, very seriously…&#

May 25, 2015 OverBored Gaming, Videos, WYK-TV
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Wshand: Stunting under the influence

Don’t drink and stunt and kids, it isn’t good for your health nor is it good for the property of the poor people who’s house

May 22, 2015 Videos, wshand, WYK-TV
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Overbored Gaming: Gust Jars

And here we are, the epic struggle between titans. Dag and Brawli face each other in an all out brawl in the new Smash game,

May 21, 2015 OverBored Gaming, Videos, WYK-TV
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Beyond the Broadcast: JessyQuil

Welcome once again to Beyond the Broadcast! In this episode our man on the inside, the man with the intel, Shand interviews fellow streamer JessyQuil

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Wshand: Daredevil

Come one come all and watch this amazing spectacle! Watch as this man attempts a very life threatening stunt. Yes witness the Daredevil Wshand as

May 19, 2015 Videos, wshand, WYK-TV
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