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Gaming on the Rocks 20 – Dead Space 3, Tomb Raider, and Style Over Substance

How to enjoy Dead Space 3, what Tomb Raider gets wrong (and right), and why sometimes it’s enough just to have great style


Gaming on the Rocks 19 – Second Screens, Nintendo Adrift, and Veronica Mars

Do second screens really make playing video games and watching television that much better? And if not, how is Nintendo going to keep the Wii


Gaming on the Rocks 18 – ACIV, Antichamber, and Enlightened

On this week’s episode we get down to business on the details surrounding Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and why they mean that game could


Gaming on the Rocks: Episode 17 – Die Hard, Community, and Destiny

Greg tells us if it’s a good day to die hard and the rest of us meditate on Destiny and the acute failure of Aliens:


Captain’s Log Supplemental: 2013 Oscars and How Gaming Needs to Ignore Them

The 2013 Oscars happened last Sunday, and on this one you can hear us discuss how they went, and why most other award shows would


Gaming on the Rocks: Episode 16 – thatgamecompany and Vaporware

We discuss how creator Jenova Chen’s studio, thatgamecompany, went broke trying to make Journey, and what that will mean for his team’s next project. We also breakdown

February 27, 2013 Games, Gaming On The Rocks, Podcasts

Captain’s Log Supplemental: Promises vs. Reality of the PS4

On this supplemental we look at the PS4 and what Sony is promising for its next generation

February 22, 2013 Games, Gaming On The Rocks, Podcasts

Gaming on the Rocks: Episode 15 – the Hulk, Peter Pan Syndrome, and Blind Spots

This time around we talk about David Cage and Warren Spector’s recommendations from this year’s DICE summit, as well as biggest gaming franchises we’ve never played,

February 19, 2013 Games, Gaming On The Rocks, Podcasts, TV/Film
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