Kaboom! At last, EA/DICE just revealed the start date for the long-awaited public multiplayer beta of October’s Battlefield 3.

Those who purchased last year’s Medal of Honor Limited Edition (or pre-ordered BF3 on Origin before Sept. 25th) are, as promised, getting first crack at the shooter’s online offerings, in the form of a 48-hour head start before it goes into full on open beta mode.

Starting September 27th, eligible players can redeem an early access code (to be emailed soon) and download the beta first; it will then open up to everyone else freely on September 29th, and run until October 10th. The trial  will only be offered in North America, South America, Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

PS3 and 360 users will find the open beta client on their respective online marketplaces, while PC users will need to have the EA Origin application installed. The official beta FAQ is full of details you should read up on.

Included will be the Operation Metro map, Rush game mode, and the Battlelog platform — just a small taste of the full game. Interestingly, DICE notes “You can play for as long as you want during the time of the beta. There will be no cap on how far you can rank or what you can unlock.”

Battlefield 3 drops October 25th.

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