Wondering why the last three Assassin’s Creed games — counting this November’s AC: Revelations — have been so focused on the character of Ezio Auditore? Aside from being an interesting hero that can stand to be brought back, giving Ubisoft some room to work on ACIII proper, Ezio actually seems to have quite a substantial impact on the franchise’s story.

Creative director Alexandre Amancio tells Game Informer that as stated, Revelations will indeed conclude the Ezio (and Altair) saga, but also provide a ton of answers to questions raised from the outset. Beware spoilers if you’re coming in fresh, or haven’t played the last entry or two.

“We decided in this opus of the franchise to actually give the players a lot of the answers that they’ve sort of been thirsting for ever since AC II,” he says. “A lot of things were set up with Minerva, with Juno, a lot of the details about the end-of-the-world plot line in 2012. As we’re getting closer and closer to the actual 2012 marker, the franchise is also concluding its major opus. So this game is sort of where we’re setting all the record straight. We’re sort of closing all of the loops that have been started.”

We’re going to reveal not only a lot of stuff about the first civilization plot-line, but we’re actually going to conclude the Ezio, the Altair storylines, and we’re going to sort of explain why Ezio is such an important character for the franchise, what his actual role is in all of that plotline, what role Altair plays in that destiny, and, ultimately what role Desmond plays in all that stuff.

We’re sort of creating a nexus [in this game] that will align the destinies of all three major characters of the franchise, and in one fell swoop we’re gonna reveal a lot of the elements that surround that mystery.

Amancio goes on to confirm that Ezio was “always” planned to have his own trilogy and yes, the next game will feature a new lead assassin. Just as the studio has been hinting for two years.

The way we’ve set up the naming convention is that the number simply signified the character. … Assassin’s Creed III will be about another character.”

Be sure to check out the entire set of interviews, as there’s a number of additional detail nuggets.

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