Much to my amazement, I started ‘professionally’ writing about the games industry hardcore nearly five years ago, and I can count the number of days I’ve had and/or taken off, for whatever reason, without using up all ten fingers. After countless events, nine hour-plus days as a one-man operation, an increasing lack of free time, and an absurd amount of sleep deprivation, it’s time for a break.

Comic-Con 2011 just wrapped, and after spending the whole week there, the decision has been made to take a creative hiatus. It’s a decision I’ve went back-and-forth over for a good year now; before even joining WouldYouKindly.

I know our readers, and especially those who may have followed me over the past few years, have become accustomed to the site’s average quantity and quality of content, and it would be a lie to say it doesn’t bother me to willingly step away from the keyboard. But, it’s a move that’s become unavoidable, and arguably, long overdue. Being involved in this field is fun and enjoyable, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but it’s also taxing under certain circumstances.

For the foreseeable near future, I leave the site in the hands of my capable colleagues, and look forward to what they bring to the table. Know that you can’t get rid of me though, and I’ll be around, ever watchful behind the scenes (and who knows, there may be the odd article from me here and there, as well). Content output will continue, but expect things to be very slow and sporadic, compared to the usual daily grind.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped this site get to where it’s at, and hopefully I’ll be back before you know it. Be sure you follow WYK’s fresh staff additions and their contributions! And now, I’ve got a date with a radically different daily lifestyle…

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