Halo Wars is still one of my favorite real-time strategy games of the last few years, and managed to not only successfully bring the RTS genre to consoles, but adapt and evolve it for controllers, too. Developer Ensemble (and then Robot Entertainment) really scored a home run.

Over two years later, though, and we’ve yet to see any signs of a follow-up, despite one being teased in the game’s Achievements with the “Ready for the Sequel” goal, awarded upon 100-percent completion. Surely that’s in the cards sometime between now and 2015? Speaking during last month’s Xbox showcase event, 343 Industries told CVG that a Halo Wars sequel isn’t planned right now, but it’s not out of the question, and potential Kinect implementation might even work well.

“The funny thing about Halo Wars is it actually beat our sales forecasts, so it was a bigger success than we expected,”said 343 creative director Frank O’Connor. Microsoft announced sales over 1 million copies in the first three weeks of availability back in early 2009.

“It was a big critical success and it’s still the number one selling RTS on consoles this generation. In that regard it was a huge success but is the will to do a sequel there? Who knows. We could do something that works on Kinect, for example. There’s no will against it but we’re not working on it right now.”

O’Connor added that expanding — or rather, returning — the typically FPS-centric series into a strategy game was a “successful example” of many “cool experiments” they’ve attempted. If anyone could nail a hands-free RTS on Kinect with an established property, it would be these guys, one would think. They’ve already snapped up a potential website for it too.

“We take risks in the universe and we always have done over the last ten years. … The appetite for this stuff is huge as long as the quality is there – and that’s the way that we should approach it.”

Maybe 343 will get around to it after they finish Halo 4. Then again, Robot Entertainment is always available.

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