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Ravenhart007: Eye opening

Who knew Raven was a Super Sleuth? Well here we see him point something out that I at least missed, should’ve been obvious too. Well

July 29, 2015 Ravenhart007, Videos, WYK-TV
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OverBored Gaming: Vs Gravity

Ah, the age old struggle against this formidable force of nature. If you’ve been watching OBG for any length of time, you know that this

July 28, 2015 OverBored Gaming, Videos, WYK-TV
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Wshand: Slade in exile

I’m not quite sure what this is but it’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen, hands down. What possessed Shand to do something

July 27, 2015 Videos, wshand, WYK-TV
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BEYOND THE BROADCAST: Chickenpoodlesoup

Another episode of Whsand’s Beyond the Broadcast. In this episode Shand interviews Chickenpoodlesoup while playing Earthworm Jim and Ori and the Blind Forest

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RomComm: Turret Cheese

So we saw in the last video that RomComm was brave and foolhardy. In this video we see a different side, the maniacal villain in

July 24, 2015 RomComm, Videos, WYK-TV
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Ravenhart007: Roller-Coster

Welp, we’ve got another stunter everybody. Another daredevil we can watch do stupid stuff and then crash and burn. Great! Looks like good ‘ol Shand’s

July 23, 2015 Ravenhart007, Videos, WYK-TV
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OverBoredGaming: Strumpets!

Ah yes, the allure of scantily clad women dancing in the streets, it’s enough to distract even Dag and Brawli as they pass by. Even

July 22, 2015 OverBored Gaming, Videos, WYK-TV
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Wshand: Fashion Disaster

Oh….Oh my…..that’s uh….Yeah. Well at least Shand and Ravenhart are bonding over this….this….fashion disaster

July 21, 2015 Ravenhart007, Videos, wshand, WYK-TV
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